Friday, 10 January 2014

Hello bloggers!!My name is Raina.My class is 1E1 and can also be known as perseverance 1, the class is a fun and active class I know!!
         My hobbies is drawing cartoon character..I love drawing when I was young and I usually draw cartoons characters that appeared in dramas and shows..the most recent one I had draw,was the characters in running man all in cartoon form...
        My favorite colour was blue colour.I always think that the sky is very beautiful with the clouds...and that is why I like the colour blue.
         My favourite food is the Korean cuisine..I think that the Korean cuisine suits my taste and it is very tasty.
Something Interesting about myself was..l love drawing and listening to music...
         My best friend is coco.She is cheerful and always makes me laugh whenever I feel down...she also won't make fun of me...she is the kind of person I will never forget...the most I like about her is that,when she makes fun of people with no intension,just to make them laugh..she is willing to let them make fun of her back without saying anything.
        Life in primary school was fun!!my friends in primary school make my life in primary school all filled with fun memories!!My favorite teacher is Mrs Wong,she is funny and makes our lessons interesting no matter what.
       My favorite subject is music.Mrs Wong teaches us music.she also shares with us everything related to music.
     My expectations of secondary school is that I hope that chong boon will let me have a fun and memorable memories inside the school.Of course,I also hope that the discipline in Chong boon is strict.