Friday, 17 January 2014

PSLE...psle...I am taking the psle now,focus!I thought to myself.The clock is ticking,and the examination room is so silent that we can hear a pin drop.
"You may start now!"said the examiner...many of the students started flipping over the paper and nervously doing the exam paper.On the other hand,I remember how I overcome this examination which I am afraid of, since I was young.
       Remember that time...I was doing my homework and my tuition teacher is correcting me for my mistake.She said to me"Raina,you have to buck up you know?Psle is coming and you cannot fail any of this subjects,otherwise you would retain and suffer alone while your friends happily graduate." 
         From then on,I hand in my work punctually and revise when I was free.
       I snap out of my memories and write all the answers down in the examination paper.I realize that most of the question was the ones teacher had teach and I am not regretting for spending too much time on my studies.
      Finally,the examiner said"okay!pens down everyone!"luckily, I checked the paper over and over again before the examiner said stop.
       After my last examination paper,
I felt relief and thought to myself,whether what is the outcome of this examination,I have done my very best and are proud of it.
     This is my blog entry on struggles and how I overcome it.Thank you for reading :)

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