Sunday, 20 April 2014

International Friendship Day

    International Friendship Day is a day when all international friends from all over the world came together in their authentic costumes and celebrate the day together. This is the day where people get to try out different costumes from other races and get to eat different dishes from all over the world. International Friendship Day falls on the 3rd of August every year, it is to commemorate the friendship with the other races. I always look forward to that day as I get to see my international friends wearing their costumes.

    Through this day, I understand that there are a lot advantages of cultivating good international friendships for other countries, first, we get to learn more about other races. Second, we can ask them for help in the products that their country made. The  most important one is that we made new friends.

    We, in return also can help them by introducing Singapore. 

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