Sunday, 26 January 2014

Movie Review

Tittle of movie: Divergent 

 Describe the most exciting part/ memorable part of the movie. Why do you like it? 

ANS: The most exciting part of the movie was when the group pf dauntless find out that Tris and Four were the divergent and the part where Tris and Four fight with the evil together to save the citizens in the country. I like it because through the part where they fought, they showed the theme of courage, perseverance, love and lastly kindness.

  If you could rewrite one part of the movie,which part would it be and why? How would you like to rewrite it? 
ANS: I don't want to rewrite this movie, because it is already good in its own way. The plot of the story is meticulously planned.

   List three words that you have picked up from watching the movie.

 ANS:Erudite, candor and amity

Friday, 17 January 2014

    "Mummy!Can I have that cute earrings in your ear?"asked eleven year old Amy."Of course!"said her mother with a pleasant smile."You may have it when you are older and remember,you will really have to take care of it and don't ever left it unattended.It is one of my most precious earrings!"warned her mother.

        Hello,I am a earring.I am special from the other earrings because I am the only unique one.I don't have other earrings who looks exactly like me.I am made in Korea and I shape like a little diamond with a star on top od the diamond,and was sold in a city name dongdaemun.That was how I met my current owner which is Amy' mother Alicia.
"Ohhh look at that earrings!it is so unique!It will definitely look best with my dress on!"I stared at the person and get excited for my future.I am confident that the owner will treat me well.
Soon I am kept in a little pouch and secured will soft cloths by the side.My owner bought me back and landed in a beautiful place called singapore.I get more and more excited to meet my owner's daughter when I found out that she had a daughter.My owner brought me to a huge house with small little lights decorated around the tree there.
Suddenly, a girl with blonde hair rush out of the house and hug my owner."mummy!!"she yelled
    After since then,I was well taken care of and felt very happy to have such a great owner.         However,my life began to change when Alicia gave me to her daughter on her twelve year old birthday.I was left unattended after I had change my owner.Amy just throw me in a deep dark and black scary box and left me there without polishing and using me...
       A few weeks later,Amy throw the rest of her toys into the box and tape it up.The toys in the box some were spoil and some have cracked in it.

     Through the hole of the box,I can see Alicia picking the box up and putting it on the dining table.I am glad that Alicia was going to find me,but I was wrong again she was taking me to a dark place which I can't see anything.

     A few days later,a young woman which looks purely kind and innocent went to pick me up...
She keep me in her handbag and brought me to the orphanage.She wash and polish me until I was once clean and bright again.She gave me to one of the girl name Kelly. She had pure and cute innocent smile.
    This is the story of a earring.
I hope you like the story 
Thank you for reading it :p 

PSLE...psle...I am taking the psle now,focus!I thought to myself.The clock is ticking,and the examination room is so silent that we can hear a pin drop.
"You may start now!"said the examiner...many of the students started flipping over the paper and nervously doing the exam paper.On the other hand,I remember how I overcome this examination which I am afraid of, since I was young.
       Remember that time...I was doing my homework and my tuition teacher is correcting me for my mistake.She said to me"Raina,you have to buck up you know?Psle is coming and you cannot fail any of this subjects,otherwise you would retain and suffer alone while your friends happily graduate." 
         From then on,I hand in my work punctually and revise when I was free.
       I snap out of my memories and write all the answers down in the examination paper.I realize that most of the question was the ones teacher had teach and I am not regretting for spending too much time on my studies.
      Finally,the examiner said"okay!pens down everyone!"luckily, I checked the paper over and over again before the examiner said stop.
       After my last examination paper,
I felt relief and thought to myself,whether what is the outcome of this examination,I have done my very best and are proud of it.
     This is my blog entry on struggles and how I overcome it.Thank you for reading :)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hello bloggers!!My name is Raina.My class is 1E1 and can also be known as perseverance 1, the class is a fun and active class I know!!
         My hobbies is drawing cartoon character..I love drawing when I was young and I usually draw cartoons characters that appeared in dramas and shows..the most recent one I had draw,was the characters in running man all in cartoon form...
        My favorite colour was blue colour.I always think that the sky is very beautiful with the clouds...and that is why I like the colour blue.
         My favourite food is the Korean cuisine..I think that the Korean cuisine suits my taste and it is very tasty.
Something Interesting about myself was..l love drawing and listening to music...
         My best friend is coco.She is cheerful and always makes me laugh whenever I feel down...she also won't make fun of me...she is the kind of person I will never forget...the most I like about her is that,when she makes fun of people with no intension,just to make them laugh..she is willing to let them make fun of her back without saying anything.
        Life in primary school was fun!!my friends in primary school make my life in primary school all filled with fun memories!!My favorite teacher is Mrs Wong,she is funny and makes our lessons interesting no matter what.
       My favorite subject is music.Mrs Wong teaches us music.she also shares with us everything related to music.
     My expectations of secondary school is that I hope that chong boon will let me have a fun and memorable memories inside the school.Of course,I also hope that the discipline in Chong boon is strict.